Thursday, October 13, 2011


I thought this was a really appropriate title to give this post ..... Mr Skelly Bones, looks like he's doing precisely that .... Just hanging out and chilling!!!
This is the Halloween wreath I made for our front door yesterday ...

It really was a super quick project. I had all of the stuff I needed to make it, right there in my stash ...yes, I do keep skelly bones and creepy spiders in my stash ..... that's what after holiday sales are for - aren't they?
I cut 2 inch wide strips of burlap in black and orange, and just tied them around the wreath, alternating the colors. Then using my hot glue gun, I posed Mr Skelly Bones in his "just chilling" pose, and stuck him down. I added 2 of his glittery arachnoid friends so he had company, and we were done.
Super quick, Super easy, and Super cute!!!


  1. I agree this is super cute! I like the idea of keeping tidbits for holiday sales in your stash. That's a great idea!

  2. oh I just LOVE this one! I love Halloween wreaths and this one is awesome!