Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We have a school fundraiser event tomorrow ..... A softball game between a parent team and a staff team ..... GO TEAM PARENTS!!!
There will be other fun things to do too ... including a silent auction.
5th Grade (Boy Childs grade) was given the task of putting an auction item together .... I was asked to coordinate the effort. We decided a giftcard tree would be the way to go .... everyone can use giftcards, and they were easy for the parents to pick up and send to school with their kids.
And so, the money tree was born ...

The tree limbs were the sad remains of my hibiscus bush, that didn't survive the disgustingly hot Texas summer we had. I fixed it into a pot I picked up at Walmart using glass marbles and oasis. After trimming all the grucky end off it, I made some crepe paper leaves, which I glued onto the branches. I tied the giftcards onto the branches. I hid the ties by gluing crepe paper flowers over them.
I like the way it turned out ..... hopefully it goes for LOTS of money!!!!


  1. This is awesome! You are so creative and it looks fabulous! I love the owl sitting in the tree. I hope your money tree brings in the money!

  2. I hope so did a fabulous job on it.