Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well school is out and we have 2 lovely weeks to enjoy just being together:-)
I did need to take care of teachers Christmas gifts though, before we got out - this year the number of gifts needed was greatly reduced due to the fact that Girl Child moved across to Middle School. This gave me a little extra time to put them together ..... although I did leave it until the day before .... let's just say that I work better under pressure!!!
I had a new Simplicity apron pattern (don't you just LOVE the Hobby Lobby 99c pattern sales!!!) I wanted to try, so aprons it was. I love this pattern, and it may have just become my new favorite apron pattern - quick and easy, but still pretty.

This was one. I liked the fabric because it reminded me a lot of Vera Bradley, without the Vera Bradley price tag:-)

This one is a classic black and white - I think those 2 colors are so elegant together.

Then just a few days prior to making them, I had read a blog, where they talked about finding alternative, more eco friendly ways to wrap up Christmas gifts - this got me thinking. They suggested reusable shopping bags. I had some dish towels I bought at the after Christmas sales last year, so that's what I used. I just added ribbon and a snowflake tag cut from felt, and voila, I had a 100% usable gift. I even used safety pins in place of tape.

It's down to the last few days now, to get all those last minute Christmas gifts finished. We have knitting needles flying and the sewing machine whirring furiously in this house!!!!Enjoy your last minute crafting - it shouldn't be stressful, just a whole bunch of fun!!!