Friday, December 10, 2010


This will prove that I have been constructively busy ..... not just busy playing elf:-)
I have 2 quick gift ideas to show you. These were actually made as part of 2 different swaps, but they'd work well for teacher or neighbor gifts. Both took less than an hour each to make, and they both used items I had on hand. So, when it gets to 9pm on Christmas Eve, and you remember the one person you forgot, perhaps these ideas may come in useful!!!!

This is a Christmas Mug Rug - big enough to fit a nice cup of hot chocolate and 2 sugar cookies on - yummy!!! Speaking of which, I'm attending my 1st ever cookie exchange tomorrow - I'll be spending today baking and decorating 3 dozen gingerbread men .... or maybe the chocolate chip espresso meringues sound better ..... hmmm, decisions!!!

I got the idea for this pincushion (and the few similar ones I've made) from Elizabeths blog (Creative Breathing). If you haven't visited her blog, you're missing out, it is pure eye candy!!!It is 2 basic 6" circles of fabric sewn together, that I then embellished. I love them, and could have one for every holiday:-)

Elf antics ... well ....

They got into the fridge and made jello the other night - thanks guys for dessert!!! It must have been very chilly in there for them. Boy Child did point out to me however that they'd be used to the cold given they live in the North Pole - that kiddo is so logical at times:-)

Then this morning we found them "swimming". A tub full of fluffy cottonballs - the pool, my mini ironing board - the diving board, red facecloths - their towels and 2 very responsible life guards.
To the kitchen I go ..... until next time!!!

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  1. hee hee, those naughty elves...they remind me of Gunter, the gnome! I love that mug rug and Santa pin are so talented.
    I know that if we lived closer, we'd be great crafting buddies!