Monday, December 20, 2010


There are tons of tutorials for making these wax crayons all over blogland. They were a lot of fun to make (ok, so the paper peeling part was a bit laborious!!!). So much fun infact, that I made a bunch for our Church Preschool Christmas Shop.
These Christmas trees are for my favorite niece, as part of her Christmas present. Before you think I'm an ugly aunt who plays favorites .... I only have one niece, the rest are nephews who both share the number one nephew spot!!!

I like the way that they look marbled - I found that the crayon looked more marbled if I left the crayons in bigger pieces as opposed to smaller ones. My molds (Christmas tree and snowflake) were from the dollar section of Target, and I put mine in a 250 deg F oven, and it took about 20 mins for the crayons to melt completely.

These would make a quick and easy, last minute Christmas gift. My 10 year old even said he'd like some ..... I was quite pleasantly suprised by that:-)


  1. Kerry, you are one of the most thoughtful people. I love my little elf you sent. What a very special little surprise, to be remembered with a little elf, when I did not even participate. What a cute little elf too. thankyou thankyou.