Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There's certainly been a whole lot of that around this house lately!!!
So what exactly have those naughty things been up to.... well....

They had a night of sleddimg down the stairs (the sled was actually the plastic containers we wash dishes in when we go camping).

They had family game night last night - they played Tic Tac Toe, and colored a picture. Boy Child did decide however that their coloring had improved since last year:-) Note the little Christmas tree - he also decided at Lowes yesterday, that they needed their own Christmas tree!!!

They decided to picinc on my chandelier ..... crumbs and all!!! When will they learn that heights like this are just too dangerous for little things like them!!!!

Like all good elves should, they had some tub time .... in my washing machine!!! I must say though, those mentor elves are pretty responsible - those babies were wrapped all nice a warm when we found them in the morning:-)

There has been some Christmas crafting going on here - I promise.

I've had a few last swap packages I've had to get out - pictures will follow. I also need to take pictures of the Advent Calendars ..... that will be todays chore:-)