Friday, December 31, 2010

GOODBYE 2010 .... HELLO 2011

... and I say this with great relief. 2010 has been a year I wish never to repeat again. It's been marked by much ..... insecurity, unemployment, betrayl, and a big dose of worry!!! However it has not been all bad ... we learned who our real friends were, we got to visit our families over the summer, I finally got to kiss and cuddle my little niece, and over this holiday season, we have been truly blessed by the kindness and generosity shown to us by people we do not even know.

As 2011 dawns, it's full of hope and promise - a clean slate.I wish only wonderful things for you and your families - health, happiness and prosperity.

Girl Child will be going to her first New Years Eve party tonight - a sleepover at her best friends house. I offered to send a little something to ring in the New Year. Girl Child and I decided to make some cake pops (my inspiration was the cutest, most gorgeous creations made by Bakarella!!!) - they turned out so cute. There'll be a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries accompanying them!!!!

See you in 2011, sweet bloggy friends!!!


  1. here here! I am with you sister! 2011 is going to be a better year for our family too! I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and me!
    Happy New Year, may God Bless you and your family this year.

  2. I'm sending positive thoughts your way too! I hope that this year is a happy, healthy and wonderful year for you and your family! Here's wishing you only good things! Happy New Year!