Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I took part in The Fall Intigue Basket Swap, that was hosted by Michele (Something Special). The task at hand - fill a basket with some Fall goodness. It didn't have to all be handmade, but something handmade would be special.
My basket arrived on Friday from my sweet partner - Ruth. Everything was wrapped so beautifully and it was a real treasure to open. Ruth, you made my day - THANK YOU!!!

Here is a peek at all of my goodies...

It was filled with Thank You cards, a notepad. The sweetest vintage Jello mold (my kids immediately requested Jello). See how cute those 2 ears of corn are ... they are salt and pepper shakers!!! The gem for me was the Gooseberry Patch booklet - I absolutely LOVE all things Gooseberry Patch:-) The Fall dish towel will look cute in my kitchen and the sweet pumpkin will take its rightful place on my mantel just as soon as the Halloween decor comes down.
Then there was the added bonus of all the tags, ribbon and rafia that Ruth used to wrap my goodies - all of it will be put to further good use.

Don't miss the lovely stamped fabric bag (full of acorns) or the cute straw broom!!!

Ruth, I'm sending you a big hug Thank You for spoiling me - I loved my basket full of Fall goodies ... you brought a smile to my day!!!

Wishing you all a lovely Fall day!!!!

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  1. And it makes my day when I see all the wonderful fall goodness that my blog friends have sent to each other for our swap. You did get spoiled I think, as did so many. Ruth truly knows how to package everything up so special.