Monday, October 25, 2010


This idea would make a really quick and cute Halloween Class Handout. I may make some for Boy Child to hand out to his classmates on Friday. I saw the box idea on a blog, but just decided to expand on the idea.

I made them by cutting a piece of green cardstock 81/2" x 41/2". I then scored the long sides 1" in from each side. Along the short side, I scored at 33/4" and 43/4". You'll see that the box then folds together quite easily. You'll need to snip both sides where the side and middle score lines cross (It really is easy, when it's in front of you). Glue the sides together and there you have it. Using my circle punches, I made his facial features and glued them in place. To make his hair, I cut a piece of black cardstock 3" x 21/2". Score at the 1" and 2" marks. Cut his jaggardy fringe along the front edge. I then punched 2 holes through the top and threaded some ribbon for the handle. Glue the back of the hair to the back of the box. Once I'd filled a cellophane bag with candy, I popped it into the box and attached the fringe side of the hair with 2 glue dots. There you have it - super easy and super cute!!!

This week I'll be preparing for a Pumpkin Carving and Pizza Party, that we're hosting for our Cub Scout Den and their families on Friday ..... what could be more fun - 18+ kids and masses of pumpkin guts!!! I'm planning on making the dessert table a dessert buffet .... think dead finger cookies, frankie pops, chocolate bones and skulls - yum, yum, yum!!!!

Have a fun week everyone.

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