Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes, the lead up to Halloween continues in our house. It's a holiday I don't have many decorations for, but this year I've really enjoyed making a few items. Let me just say at this point, that until we arrived in the US almost 6 years ago, we had heard of Halloween, but had no idea that it was celebrated on such a grand scale.

First let me show you the third member of the Halloween Basket Club ..... the witch!!!

She turned out nicely, although not spooky at all, despite that pointed nose and wart on her cheek!!! I guess, I just don't do spooky well:-)
Next, I decided to give banner making a go (it was our October challenge in the YOE Swap). What a lot of fun that was. It's amazing what you can turn some felt, buttons and trim into if you think hard enough.
This was the first one I made ...

I loved how it turned out so much, that I went ahead and made another one....

Also super cute...
The banner bug has bitten, and I wont be stopping here - Christmas is just around the corner, and my head is buzzing with Christmas Banner ideas:-)
Thanks for stopping by - perhaps you may have been inspired to try something you've never done before. Give it a try - you just never know!!!


  1. I love those banners! They are so cute :o)

  2. The banners are great! The witch is too but I can't crochet worth beans, but I might be able to do a banner!