Friday, October 22, 2010


I thought I'd pop in with a few random items I've made over the past week. They've all been made for swaps I'm taking part in.

First - there have been many variations of these apothecary jars popping up all over blogland. I love the way they look, and decided that I had everything I'd need on hand, so why not give it a try .... This is the result ...

I really like the shape of this jar - it was a jar that had fruit in it, once upon a time. I so wish that I could find more of them. By only putting the Halloween rub on, on the one side of the jar, I thought that, once Halloween was over, the jar could just be turned around, and it would be clear glass. Add some ribbon, or perhaps some charms, and it could fit any occasion.

Remember the owl scissors keep? I begun thinking and wondering if it would be possible to somehow combine it with a pouch and/or needlecase, so that you could have an all in one, to take with you for any stitching you wanted to do while on the move. Ta Da .... this is what I came up with, and it certainly seems very functional.

This is the front of it - the owl scissor keep. Now, untie the ribbon ties, and this is what you'll find inside...

A pouch for storing your threads, or what ever you wish, and a needle book to keep all your pins and needles handy. I think I may make a few of these as Christmas gifts - maybe even think up some different scissor keeps for the front ..... Hmm, we'll have to see ....

Have a lovely weekend everyone. My boys (hubby and Boychild) are away camping this weekend with Scouts. Girlchild, her best friend and I will be getting down to some serious tye dying tomorrow - her choice, when I asked her if there was anything special she wanted to do!!!


  1. I love the little owl scissor and needle keeper. I would take that everywhere. I am always needing a needle, thread and especially scissors
    when I am away from home.

  2. The jar and needlebook/ scissor keep turned out great. I love them both.

  3. That cute little needlebook/scissor keep is sweet! Did you send that to your YOE partner?

  4. Shawnee -yes, I did send it to her:-)