Wednesday, October 27, 2010


On my last visit to Hobby Lobby .... to get school project goodies for Girl Child .... I walked past the last few, lonely looking, greatly reduced in price, Halloween craft leftovers. There, right at the back I found one of those plywood, spooky looking houses. I also found some painted, plywood Halloween stickers. The house's price tag - $3-99 less 60%, and the stickers were $1-99, less 60% - you can't pass up a deal that good!!!!

I brought it home, and over the past 2 days have turned it into this ...

I painted it, then glittered the entire house with some very coarse glitter. I gave it 3 coats of spray on sealant to stop that glitter going everywhere!!! I backed the windows and doors with scrapbook paper and glued on the plywood figures I wanted to use. I'm excited about how it turned out .... even if it'll only be on display for a few more days before it's packed away until next year.

Until next time.....


  1. It is the deal of the day and the gem of the day. Very cute!! Don't you love the great deals and easy crafting! good idea about spraying the glitter!

  2. It turned out great! I love how you fix up your bargain finds. It makes me want to go scour the clearance bins as you make it look easy. But I don't think it is.