Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Halloween decorations came out on Thursday - not that I've finished putting it all together or decided on just what look I'm after, mind you!!!

I saw the idea for these ornaments in a magazine I was browsing through at the store the other day. I'm not sure which one it was, as I paged through a few. They were really simple to make, and I like the way they turned out .... especially the way they sparkle in the light.

Here is the quick "HOW TO" for these ornaments.....
You'll need -A pack of 2 inch round mirror tiles
-Orange glitter glue
- Some Halloween rub ons
- Thin ribbon for the loop
- Assorted beads for the dangly bit at the end
- Felt
- Glue
Next * Place the rub on onto your glass tile
* Apply glitter glue around the edge, and let dry preferably overnight
* Make you bead dangle
* Place glue on the back of your mirror tile and position the dangle & loop
* Place felt on the back
* Once dry, take pinking sheers and cut around the tile (be careful not to
cut your loop or dangle)
There you go, all done. As I said this is not my original idea, I just saw a picture of them in a magazine, and this is how I put mine together.
I am going to link this to Val over at Yarni Gras. She is showcasing a whole bunch of cool Halloween projects through out the month of October ..... hop on over and have a look - you won't be dissapointed:-)
Until next time - Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Neat idea and it would work for lots of different holidays.

  2. Great craft, I'm decorating my first Halloween tree and these will make great ornaments.

    Irma :)

  3. oh I like this! Someone made me one a couple years back in a swap and it is one of my favorite ornaments. Now I can try and make some myself! Thanks!