Friday, May 28, 2010


Our Year Of Enchantment theme for May was Mermaids..............hmmm, not as easy as you may think!!!!
This one was a challenge, but it forced me to look at options I probably wouldn't ordinarily have looked at. I am so glad it did, because I love the results*_*
I can share them with you now, as well as the other goodies I sent my partner, as she has now recieved her package, so I wont be spoiling the suprise.

The bigger memaid is made of paper, and the smaller one of Shrinky Dink plastic. Both of them have faces sculpted using Sculpey clay and a push mold. Other added bits included rhinestones, doll hair, beads and some stamp pads. I was thrilled with the way they turned out - it was far better than I had even hoped:-)

Together with the 2 mermaids I sent her a collection of different sculpey faces I molded - she can use these in any number of ways in a variety of craft projects. I made her some Shrinky Dink buttons (see my post from a few days ago), a bookchain - for all of her summer reading, as well as a YOE memory book. I also sent her some tags with lace on for her to use in her sewing projects. I hope she liked it - I had a lot of fun making the mermids and putting the package together:)
I can't wait to see what theme awaits us in June!!!!

Happy long weekend everyone!!!!


  1. nice work on the mermaids. They are very lovely.

  2. your packages are so fun, I always admire them. Mermaids were really hard for me...not sure why. Yours are awesome.

  3. oh my! Kerry, I LOVE the package you sent me! (sorry it took so long to let you know). I forgot to take a picture of everything I sent you before mailing it. could you take a picture for me to use?

    thank you so much for my wonderful package!!!!

  4. I love the mermaids....and need to show Curly Girl your shrinky dink one. She doesn't know what to do with some I got her.

    Love all the goodies too!