Monday, May 17, 2010


Have I been having a blast with my oven over the past few days or what.............. and the best part is -my hips have not been victims because not a calorie was consumed!!!!!
Sculpey clay and Shrinky Dink plastic, has replaced cake batter and cookie dough (although not forever!!!!)
While playing around with the Shrinky Dink Plastic, I came upon the idea of buttons (I'm sure it's not an original idea). So I hauled out my rubber stamps and Sharpie Markers and got right to it............... I love the result, and the possibilities are endless.

Then, I picked up some of those silicone push molds the other day on clearance............. the ones you use with sculpey. I pushed out some face, and yes, they were cute, but they seemed a bit boring to me. So I decided to pull out the beads and craft wire and here is the result...

I prefer the color of the clay in the second picture - the top one had a sparkle to it, that I don't particularly like. I beaded pieces of craft wire and then pushed the wire into the sculpey prior to baking it. If you try it, just remember that your beads need to be glass beads, otherwise you'll have a big melted mess!!!! Girl Child thinks they look like Medusa, I think she may just be right:-)
Once again, there are endless possibilities here.....
The unbeaded ones are just as versatile - paint them, chalk them...........
Thanks for stopping by - I'd love to hear if you give any of these ideas a try............ come on, you know you want too!!!!


  1. both ideas are really fun....I love the mushroom buttons!

  2. What a cute buttons you made. I think they are very original, never saw them before.
    To me the last face looks like an African tribe man, we all see something different in it, your daughter is right, there is some Medusa in it too.