Thursday, May 13, 2010


I thought I'd share with you today, 2 of my most recent craft purchases - technically they were my anniversary pressies from hubby!!!

The Sandi Henderson book only came out last week, so I had those Barnes and Noble gift cards tucked away, just waiting for release date to arrive. It is such a great book, and one that I'll get plenty of use from. I just had to try making her fabric tags today........... who can resist using plastic wrap and an iron as part of the construction process..... certainly not me - way to much fun to be had there:-)

Then - crochet has long been my nemesis!!! It and I have never moved past the granny square stage...... I can't even crochet in a straight line, it's pitiful!!!! Crochet For Dummies to the rescue.... I think I may just be getting the hang of it............ Watch this space and I'll show you in a little bit what I'm busy making................ even if it turns out to be a disaster (I'm blushing at the thought of that!!!!)

Until next time my crafty friends..... keep doing what you do best....... crafting:-)


  1. The Sandi Henderson books does look wonderful! Can't wait to see what you make from her book!
    Have fun crocheting...not my forte I'm afraid, I need two needles!

  2. Oh do share some of he projects with us.