Sunday, June 6, 2010


For our Year Of Enchantment Swap this month, our challenge was to make a toad abode..... the picture above is my attempt at the challenge.

I found the idea on a wildlife conservation website when I was researching toad abodes. I have never attempted anything like this before ............ fabric, paper and yarn are normally my thing. Grout and stones is way out of my comfort zone:-) It was amazingly easy to do. It didn't start off well - while trying to knock out the fancy door I had planned, the pot broke into 5 pieces!!! The grout was a very effective adhesive and I had it stuck back together in no time at all. Once that was done I put a thick layer of grout over the pot, and pressed the stones and glass pebbles into it. It took about 3 days to dry rock solid.

It can now be found on a piece of prime toad real estate - damp, soft soil, near a drippy faucet. I hope it wont be on the market for too many weeks - I'm sure there must be a sweet, warty friend somewhere out there, who is just longing for a new home:-)

I had a lot of fun making this house and I'd like to give a few similar type projects a try. As soon as I find a big enough leaf (If anyone has a rhubarb or elephant ear leaf that they'd like to donate to my birdbath making cause, please let me know..... Even a big cymbidium leaf would do) I plan on trying to make a birdbath with concrete:-)

Well, the last week of school is upon us ............. I am such a happy girl!!! It's time for my kids to have some down time, and got to just be kids. We have big travel plans this summer, but more about those later.

Thanks for stopping by.... Have a fantastic week!!!


  1. I just love this makes me smile.

  2. Hi Kerry,

    My apron from Val's Hot Mama Swap arrived. I love it, love it, love it. Also the goodies that you sent. You're very creative. Many thanks for a wonderful swap package.


    PS Good luck with the crocheting!!! Love the owlie :-)

  3. I adore your toad abode...and love that you tried something new.