Friday, May 7, 2010


Wow, what a busy day today was - I wont need much rocking to sleep tonight!!!
Our school hosted Teacher Appreciation Day today, and I hosted the 4th and final PTA Staff Appreciation Lunch of this school year.
As I've mentioned before we have a lot of teachers to think of on occasions such as this. To give all of those teachers gift cards gets pretty pricey, so I came up with these cute but useful gifts. The idea was not mine, I saw them on this blog - They were quick and easy to put together and the teachers like them.

They're made using a 5x7 acrylic photo frame, some scrapbook paper, a pack of Post It Notes and whatever you choose to pretty them up with:-)
We wrote a thank you note on the front piece of note paper - so it doubled as the card. We popped it in a cellophane bag, tied it with a piece of ribbon and they were ready for delivery!!!!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend - what big (or little) crafting plans do you have?
Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, and to my special mom.......
Happy Mothers Day, wish we could celebrate with you, but know we'll be thinking of you - Love you lots:-)