Sunday, April 28, 2013


This so perfectly describes just how happy my garden is making me this Spring !!! The long hours of back breaking work (Yes, today was the carrying and spreading of 20 bags of mulch), are making me giddy with happiness. The results are so worth the effort :-)

So, I thought I'd give you a pictorial update ....

 These will be our first tomatoes of the season .... they still have a little ripening to do, but they're not far off now. All of my tomato bushes have a couple of tomotoes on them now. The one I'm most excited to see, are the Black Cherry Tomatoes .... they look so gorgeous in the picture !!!

 My man built me this herb bed last week. He'd seen one on the internet, knowing he could put one together for a fraction of the price being asked in stores, he bought the wood, and made it for me. I've planted Oregano, Lettuce, Red Sweet Pepper and Spring Onions. The little flower name plates were a surprise gift from a friend of mine ..... She dropped this sweet little package at my door for me to find .... she really made my day !!!

 There has been so much growing progress in this bed ..... check out those potatoes !!! They are the 4 mounded plants in the front. While watering this evening, I noticed that one of our potato barrels has a shoot peaking through already. The mint (center in the long planter) is doing so well - I made my first 4 jars of 100% homegrown and homemade mint jelly on Saturday ....... Green Gold is how my Hubby describes it :-)

The green pepper bush has burst into life too. This is the most mature of the peppers on the bush, there are another 5 in various stages of growth.

So there it is, a full garden update. I hope you get to spend a little time outdoors, with your hands in the dirt, enjoying this gorgeous weather we're having.


  1. Oh wow Kerry... love your fresh produce. How lovely and clever of Andy. Good luck.

  2. I love how well everything is growing! I've been harvesting lettuce and arugula daily for salads....delicious! We pinched all blooms on our tomatoes since we were going out of town....but now the plants are COVERED in them...these, we will leave alone!

  3. I have been working like crazy on the yard too. It is a blank canvas so there is a lot to do. I am trying to find ways to do it cheaply. When things start coming together I will post some pictures. I love your garden!!!!