Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This is going to be one of those hodge podge posts - the ones I'll look back on in years to come, and they'll evoke some sweet memories :-)

 I had a visitor to my knitting basket !!! I had heard a rustle on and off for a couple of hours, and just couldn't find the reason - then suddenly the culprit jumped up onto the green ball of yarn ..... a little Green Anole.

 We have been spending an extraordinarly huge amount of time improving our garden this Spring. I have to admit, I'm really enjoying it (fingers crossed, that the golf ball sized hail forecast for the early hours of tomorrow morning, does not obliterate my veggie garden. It's the best I've had to date !!!)
The succulents you see above, are planted in my home crafted concrete planter !!! In the previous post I mentioned making it with the concrete I had left over from the mushroom. I really like, how simple and earthy it is - suits those succulents perfectly.

 My above mentioned veggie patch .... now you see why I don't want to loose everything. I've already made one batch of pesto from the basil - it's in my freezer. I'll be making my first batch of mint jelly this weekend, as the mint is growing fabulously well (my family are VERY excited about this :-) Two of my tomato plants have tomatoes on them, as does my green pepper plant. We've also enjoyed two cucumbers from our cucumber plant so far ... they were both delicious !!! I'm expecting a good potato harvest too, if the size of my plants is anything to go by. Oh, and we've already used some of our rosemary, in our favorite lamb shank recipe. I've found the Farmers Almanac to be soooo helpful this year (truth be told, I never knew it existed until a couple of weeks ago).

 This little guy, was a sweet and thoughtful purchase by my hubby. He's called a spitting gnome ..... yuk, can't say I'm too fond of that name. He adds so much charm to our little water feature.

One of my favorite picture of late ..... Hubby and Girl Child sharing one of those special Daddy/Daughter moments. It makes my Mommy heart just swell :-)

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking this thing is a dinosaur !!! It is a snapping turtle that Boy Child rescued from the creek that runs behind our house. That boy LOVES animals, but he has a real soft spot for animals that reside in water. We were all called to the creek to see what he had found ..... I love that he helps animals (there is not enough food for him, where Boy Child found him), but here's the thing that made me cringe ..... he was in that tiny body of mid calf deep water with this creature !!! He's lucky he still has all ten of his toes !!!! Prehistoric, with a SERIOUSLY bad attitude !!! He was safely relocated to the big pond, where he'll hopefully live to grow even bigger ..... and more bad tempered !!!!

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