Thursday, April 25, 2013


That title could have walked straight off the set of a Grease movie !!!
I mentioned a few posts ago, when I revealed my 4 pretty maids all in a row ..... my green ribbon dolls, that to accommodate all my rolls of ribbon, I'd need another 4 dolls. Well, they're done, and they sure do make me smile :-)

 There they are, ever so cute !!!
All I want to do now, is create things that need ribbon .... I have so many choices !!!!
I also mentioned that I thought they may need some hair accessories .....

 Couldn't resist the beanie !!! I made up the pattern as I went along. They took me about 15 mins to crochet up. I am tickled pink by them !!!!

 Some of the ladies preferred a more summery look ..... flowers and sparkly bits !!!

 While others preferred a more classic look .... a simple bow in her hair !!!

There are times when I feel the need to create something cute and pretty, just for me.
Until next time - Take Care.


  1. Kerry these are fabulous. Now I wish I had not taken all my ribbon off the reels... I put it all on to big nappy pins and hang them off hangers... looks pretty cause they are in rainbow colours... but these dollies are so pretty... did you paint the faces and all.. You are so talented....

  2. these are so cute, my ribbons are stuffed in glass jars. Now I feel like a slug!

  3. these just put a big smile on my face. How fun!