Friday, March 1, 2013


I'm REALLY going to have to put some distance between us !!!!
You are a real diet wrecker !!!!

I see a trend forming here ... Friday seems to be Food Day :-)
Friday is our Bible Study morning, and we start our get together off with breakfast - oh so yummy!!!
I have found it to be the perfect opportunity to try out new recipes - all of which these days come off of Pinterest. I honestly have yet to make something, that hasn't turned out well, and tasted delicious. I think the reason being, that people really only post about dishes they make regularly and that taste great ...... truly Tried and Tested !!!

Today these two yummies were my contribution ....
 Crescent Roll Chicken ..... so easy, and so tasty. The dish was wiped clean !!!
Pop on over to to find this recipe. It's quite possible, that, you have everything you need to make it, right there in your pantry. I think it would make a great dinner dish, served with a fresh, crisp salad. Perfect for the warm (if you live in Texas like us, you know that means HOT!!!) summer evenings that will soon be upon us.
Next up Christmas Crack !!! I'll make it year round, it's that good. was the  clever lady behind this delicious creation.  The only thing I'll do differently next time I make this, and this is only because my family prefer milk chocolate to any other, is use milk chocolate chips (or chocolate bar), instead of the semi sweet chocolate chips. This is one of those recipes that would make an outstanding gift, all wrapped up in a pretty container.

The weekend is upon us ..... Yay !!! This week has been a little trying for our family.
My boys (big one and child) are off camping this weekend ...... Boy Child is off to earn his Wilderness Survival Merit Badge for Scouts. Hubby will be teaching some of the requirements.
That leaves Girl Child and I to our own devices ........ Hmmm, we have a great time doing girly things on these All Girl Weekends !!!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend !!!!

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  1. I am enjoying trying new recipes from pinterest....such an easy way to search.