Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In celebration of this, I thought I'd take you on a tour of our garden. We've been showing it ALOT of love over the past 2 weeks. We've cleared away all evidence of Winter (20 garden bags of leaf litter later !!!), and it's beginning to show its Spring glory.
 The hummingbird feeders are filled and up - one of my favorite Summer treats, is a visit from those little birds. I know it's still a little early for them, but we want to be ready.
 The hibiscus are all potted. We've learned from past experience, not to plant them in the garden. They thrive in the summer, but as soon as the first really cold spell came, they'd die. This way, we'll just move hem inside for the cold winter months.
 My veggie patch is planted. 3 different tomato varieties, potatoes, basil, parsley and mint. I need the mint to grow prolifically, so that I have a great harvest to turn into mint jelly .... yummy!!!
The bed you can just spot in the back, is my Texas wild flower bed. I've tried it for a number of year, with no success. I changed my method this year, so hopefully the wildflowers will be prolific and gorgeous. Things look hopeful, as they're already sprouting.
 The fountain garden ..... we just need to try and get the fountain running. We've remulched it, and I've planted some Dianthus around the outer edge. I love those flowers, they remind me of my Granny .... I still miss her so much, every single day. In the back left corner, you can just spy Chateau De Toad ..... the toad house I made a couple of years ago. It's had a resident every single year since I made it:-)
 This bed had tons of weeds in it, and it was where I found a little visitor ..... a Garter Snake. I love those little things. When we first moved into this house 8 years ago, we had so many of them, but their numbers have dropped off over the years. I think we may have discovered why, this past Summer ..... we had a King Snake take up residence. They eat other snakes.
 This old mill stone, was a treasure left by the previous owners, and I love it. We use it as a birdbath.
 Of course Spring also means a return to the barbeque ..... we have our own resident pyromaniac now:-)
All the leaf litter has been removed. We laid black weed cloth, and dumped the mulch ...... just love how this bed looks.

Moving to our front porch now .......
Each Spring I replant my fairy gardens. I've always planted succulents (just because they're easier to care for). This year I'm trying annuals ..... we're holding thumbs!!!!

So there we have it - a quick around the garden tour!!!
Hope your Spring is lovely, wherever you are.

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