Saturday, March 30, 2013


We spent a lovely day out today ... great food and a wonderful time with some very special friends !!!
I thought I'd share with you, the edible Easter treats that I put together for our hostess and her kiddos.

I was given these Dallas Cowboys/ Team football cups a while back. I didn't want to give the kiddos Easter baskets, as they're not small kids anymore, so these worked perfectly. I stuffed florists oasis in the base of each cup. Using packing tape, I stuck wooden skewers to the back of each candy. At varying heights, I poked the skewers into the oasis, to make an eye pleasing display. I stuffed the rest of the cup full of shredded paper (this helped give it stability), and then wrapped the whole thing in cellophane, with ribbon.

This next treat worked out better than expected. I had seen a picture of something similar on the internet, and thought it was so cute, and worth a try.
I made a batch of sugar cookie dough (Bakarella's recipe .... definately the best I've tried to date, and I've tried MANY sugar cookie recipes), and cut out the bunny head shape. I didn't have hand or feet cutters, so I improvised. I used the top of my carrot cutter for the hands, and the bottom part of the cutter for the feet. As they came out of the oven, I pushed lollipop sticks into them and left them to cool ..... essentially a cookie pop. I iced them with royal icing and used edible markers to draw on his facial features. I made a sturdy cardboard box by cutting up a cake board, and stuck that wooden picket fence you can buy at Hobby Lobby, around it. I put chunks of florists oasis at the head and foot, and then positioned the bunny parts in it. Then the fun part ..... stuffing in the green tissue paper - what is it about tissue paper? It finishes anything off so nicely!!! His tummy ..... I baked a batch of my Toffee Crunch Cookies, and popped them in a cellophane bag and tied them up with ribbon. All that was left, was to pop them in his tummy spot. I finished it off, by wrapping it all in cellophane and tying it with ribbon. Hubby called it the Halloween Easter Bunny - he thought it looked like it was lying in a grave !!!!!

Wishing you and your family a very blessed Easter.

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  1. what fun! great way to give the kids treats once they are older.