Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Whew allergy season is in full swing for me ....... you know how it goes - constant sinus headache !!!!
It leaves me feeling a little low in the creativity department. I know I should try the OTC allergy stuff again, but truth be told, it really doesn't work for me. A steroid shot when it gets unbearable always turns out to be the most effective treatment.
Enough moaning though, it's not what you stopped in to see :-)

I've had need of a few cards of late ..... Oh yes, I'm still staying true to my "Buy No Card This Year" resolution !!! I thought I'd share them with you. All the ideas for these cards came from Pinterest .... I see no need to reinvent the wheel ....... it works pretty darn well, as is :-)
 This is the Birthday card, I made for the littlest monkey in our family - my nephew. This card went with the Lego bag I posted about a while ago.
 This one was made for a friend of ours, whose been a little under the weather .... hope those smiling Band Aids helped cheer her up.
I love the simplicity of this card. This is for a bloggy friend who I wanted to say hello to, as I haven't heard from her in a while :-)
I punched out LOTS of different colored butterflies to give the rainbow effect, glued them together along their abdomens, and left their wings to fly free.

And just to prove, that I have tried to not let this allergy nonsense get me down ....
We took part in the Firefly Dallas 5km Fun Run on Saturday night ........ as cold as it was, we had a blast !!!
Taking part in 5km fun runs has become Girl Child's and My, mother/daughter thing to do :-) We put it out there to any of our girlfriends who wish to join us, and we make a fun event of it. This particular race ended with a trip to Starbucks on the way back to the car ....... we needed to warm up, as did many of the other participants. Don't think I've ever seen such a busy Starbucks, but it had a really fun, festive vibe going on, with all of us in there.

I'm hoping to get a few Easter treats done in the next day or two, so I'll keep you posted.
Stay warm Northern Hemisphere visitors, it seems we're all unseasonally (certainly for Texas) cold at the moment.


  1. Kerry - your cards are beautiful. I love them all. You are so good. I never make cards and I don't know why cause I have all the stuff and when I do get to make one I really enjoy it. Thanks for reminding me to do it. Hang in there and feel better soon. I think you are amazing to have done a 5 km run... I could run 5 m... :)

    1. Thanks Val :-)
      You cards would be gorgeous ..... I find them nice, quick projects. Great when you feel crafty, but don't have much time :-)

  2. allergies are the pits! I love your cards. I sent a butterfly card to our friend too! funny! Of course, mine wasn't hand made....
    enjoy your EASTER!!!!!

    1. That's funny, us both sending butterfly cards ..... Great Minds think alike :-)
      Hope you have a wonderful Easter too.