Friday, February 1, 2013


I spent a little time with my sewing machine yesterday, something I haven't done in quite a while. It was very enjoyable. I needed to make a birthday gift for a friend - it had to be quick and easy, but still pretty and practical .... I love giving practical gifts !!!(When I read that back to myself, it makes me sound so boring :-)
While browsing the Craft/DIY category on  (yes, you guessed it) Pinterest, I found this free pattern. It was so much fun to sew, and came together easily and quickly, with delightful results.
 I used duck cloth for the exterior fabric (sturdy and durable), and Kona cotton for the lining. The original instructions didn't make provision for a closure and I wanted one, so I just went ahead and added a ribbon loop and button.
 Then I found the instructions to make these lovely felt flowers ..., and thought one of them would make the perfect embellishment. While it was fiddly to make, it was well worth the effort. You end up with a really lovely, feminine flower.
Happy Birthday Katie - hope your day was wonderful !!!

Then I had another birthday today, Boy Child's friend. They've known each other since PreSchool days. He was the first friend that Boy Child made when we came to the USA. Here is the card I made to go with his present. Another Pinterest idea. I like how cheerful it is, and that it can be easily tailored to suit a boy or a girl .... want to know the secret to all those fun colors? Paint Chips!!!

So there you have my latest crafty exploits. I plan to spend some time in my craft room this weekend - I have some "Have To Do's" and some "Want To Do's" that I want to have a play with.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend ...... and at least a little time, to indulge your crafty side.

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  1. oh what a pretty bag! and I love the card, clever girl!