Friday, February 15, 2013


I hope yours was wonderful in all the right ways !!!!
We normally don't celebrate it in our house - apart from the little "something" we give each of the kids. I usually make a special Valentines dessert for after dinner too. This year was a little different, and Hubby took me out for breakfast - so special and so sweet. It was wonderful !!! We had an issue blow up, that left me no time to make that special dessert, but hey, it happens sometimes.

It is of course the perfect excuse for some crafty goodness to take place though, so let's take a peek at what came out of my craft room (aka My Office!!!)....

Cards for some special friends ...
These cards doubled as gift card holders too. I really like this way of giving gift cards, and will definately be using it again. Instead of folding just one card, I folded two. Using double sided sticky tape, I joined the edges (only the edges, as you need to be able to slide the gift card into the pocket), of the back of one card, to the front of the other. I used a circle punch to cut out a notch, and then got decorating the front of the card. There's nothing that says "Be My Valentine" quite like monsters !!! I used the Bump In The Night cartridge from Cricut, and a sprinkling of punched hearts.

 This was Hubby's card, very plain and simple, but I think that's what I really like about it. It was an idea I saw on Pinterest. I like also, that there's no waste of paper, as you're using both the cutout, and some of the strip that surrounds it ...... the part that usually gets tossed out.
I made two of these cards, one for each of our kids. The photo doesn't show it well, but I cut out the heart shape using my Cricut, on a separate piece of cardstock. I then backed the cutout, with strips of  Washi tape. I attached this piece to the card using foam strips, to give it some dimension.

Lastly, I have a very dear friend, whose hubby was away on business for Valentines Day .... I wanted to bring a smile to her day. She loves ladybirds, and also likes to sew. I found this cute little ladybird at Hobby Lobby, it was attached to one of those springy wires. After I cut that off, it made the perfect addition to this pincushion. The card, was another Pinterest find. I made a cloud shaped mask, and inked the shape onto the white background paper. I punched out four 2 inch circles with my paper punch. I folded each circle in half, and stuck them to one another, attaching the last piece on each side, to the card mat (giving the 3D effect for the body). A smaller circle punch was used to make the head, and then I just drew on the antennae.

Next up ......Easter !!! It's early this year - the end of March!!!
I have a few little treasure I want to make ...... better get started.
Wishing y'all a terrific, fun filled weekend.

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