Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Remember I mentioned a little while back, how I had a few ideas on how I'd like to use my Cricut, in other ways?
Well here is one of my ideas - I love the way it turned out. It was quick to make (30 mins from start to finish), and cost me nothing, as everything I used was from my scraps box.

For the front of the potholder, I cut an image from one of my cartridges (From The Nest), and used it as a shape for applique. I buttonhole stitched around it with embroidery floss to attach it.

For the back of this hot pad, I just pulled out some scraps of green fabric - I wasn't picky about the colors. As long as it was green, it worked. I sewed the strips together and then simply quilted this piece to a piece of batting and a piece of Insul Bright.
I sandwiched all of the layers together, and then drew around a pudding bowl, to get my circle. I finished the edges with a scrap piece of binding I had in my scrap box, and there it was ..... TaDah!!!
I used a piece of ribbon and some buttons to make the hanger.

I have a few more shapes already cut out, ready to make some more of these handy dandy little hot pads .... they make a quick, cute and useful gift:-)


  1. it is so cute!
    Kerry, I got your absolutely wonderful and shocking..( I love surprises) in the mail yesterday. I dont have a key to the mailbox and my roommate and landlord gave it to me...Oh my gosh I cried...I have been at the bottom and when people do things like that just out of the blue...it puts me back in the land of hope....Everything in it is so wonderful and I will use it all and think of you. I have always been the one who does things like this...Even though it is humbling, I guess it is a payback thing...Would you like me to aknowledge it on my blog or are you a quiet giver? Just know it went right to my heart and lit a spark...Thank you again so much! Melinda

  2. So glad it arrived safely Melinda, and that it brightened your day:-) I'd rather that you didn't acknowledge it on your blog. I'm excited to see the awesome creations you come up with though.
    Big Hugs XXX

  3. EEEEEEEEEE! That birdie is so cute!

  4. So cute! I had no idea that you could use your cricut on fabric. Then again I have to admit that I don't have a cricut and have never used one. This makes me want one. Very cute!