Sunday, March 18, 2012


Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner!!!! I have some serious making to do over the next few weeks, if all I have planned is to come to fruition.

I did get these little Easter favors made though - 60 of them to be precise. A few of us from our ladies small group at Church make and serve lunch to a group of about 60 seniors on the 3rd Monday of every month. As it is so close to Easter, we thought it might be nice, to send them home with a little Easter treat. It needed to be something they'd enjoy, but we also needed to be mindful of cost.

Those little paper seed pots were just the thing!!! They were $1-67 for 10 from Target. I punched holes around the top, using my handy dandy Cropodile (love that thing:-), and then threaded ribbon through the holes. Next I attached some grass, using crepe paper streamer, that I fringed (Thank you Martha Stewart for those very clever, and useful fringing scissors you sell). Next, some little chicks cut with my - yes you guessed it - Cricut. Stuffed them with Easter grass, and filled them with some delicious Easter chokkies ..... yummmm!!!!

All that was left to do then, was pop it in a cellophane bag, and tie it with a piece of ribbon, and take some pictures - of course Flopsy and Mopsy just had to get in on the photo shoot.

So what fun, crafty things are you making for Easter?

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  1. I love them....I love thrifty things and this was a great idea. Everytime I come over here, I think "I need to use my cricut more..." I loved your gnome card. Part of it is I just have a few cartridges but I could still do it.
    I made a wreath and I am going to make a runner. Made a fancier dress for Ava that is almost done and I am making my two little matching vests and bow ties...They all are going to be so cute! I am excited.