Thursday, April 19, 2012


We have two moms- to- be in our Bible Study small group. Both of these sweet girls are having little pink people:-) Today our group hosted a joint baby shower for them .... there is just something about little pink baby clothes that makes my heart squeeze !!!!
I made each of them a self binding recieving blanket - my favorite shower gift. I love that they're thicker than the ones you buy in the store. They're quick to make too. I had everything I needed in my stash to make them (see,it does pay off to be a fabric hoarder:-)
I combined a patterned and a marbled flannel. It is so lovely and soft. I also gave them two little outfits each. I wanted a super cute way to gift everything. I searched the basket aisle but nothing made me excited, then I just happened to find the 80% clearance aisle, where I saw two little soft, cuddly duck Easter baskets .... perfect !!! Look how cute it all looked together.
We all brought a dish to share for lunch. I offered to make the shower cake ...
It was a new recipe I found - Chocolate Mint Patty Cake. It was a triple layer cake frosted with a fantastic frosting (whipping cream and white chocolate chips melted together, and then beaten until light and fluffy). This cake was sooooooo sinfully good - there was not a crumb left. I'm sure each slice had 3 days calorie allowance in it !!!!
I decorated it with royal icing flowers, little baby girls and a chocolate crib I made using two dessert shells.
Hope you're having a wonderful week ..... until next time.


  1. Hey! where is the RECIPE? You know you gotta share!
    Everything looks so sweet.....great gifts and I love that cake!

  2. Beautiful cake and those mommies to be are very lucky to have you making something for them! You are so talented!

  3. Wow.. Awesome. This is fantastic cake I really excited to eating this cake. I like this cake and it looking very cool and attractive. This cake is pink with sprinkles and a unicorn on it.

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  4. The cake is beautiful! I'm sure it was yummy too. Hording fabric is good for gift making, though I just gave away two bags before moving. I'm afraid to unpack my fabric boxes for fear that I'll have fabric sharing remorse after giving it away!