Monday, April 9, 2012

EASTER 2012 ...

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter, and that you got to spend time with family and friends.... Ok, and that the Easter bunny was generous too!!!!
We had a lovely day - we went to The Sunrise Service and then joined good friends of ours for a delicious Easter lunch.
As always there were Easter baskets for all. Chokkies and trinkets for the kids, and some handmade goodies too. I made these two little creations to go into my friends basket - I've mentioned before about her love for all things matroyshka, so .....

I crocheted one of these cuties to go in a swap package not so long ago - they're quick and easy to make, and I love that you can embellish them however you like. This matroyshka, is a size bigger than the one I did for the swap, but she still makes a cute ornament .... not too big.

Here is another potholder ..... I've officially named them My Cricut Potholders.

Once again the templates were cut using a Cricut cartridge (It was Paisley this time, I think).

I chose blue fabric scrap, as her favorite color is blue.

Instead of using applique to do the eyes and mouth (that would have been waaaay to fiddly), I painted them in using fabric pens. It was really easy, as I just used the template I'd cut as a stencil.

Time is certainly marching on, and I can't believe that summer is fast approaching. I've chosen what I'll be making for teacher end of year gifts, so I plan to get busy with that very soon, I've got 7 of them to get done!!! My mom arrives to visit us mid May, and I'd like for them all to be finished before then, so that we can spend time together doing all sorts of fun and exciting things:-)

Wishing y'all a lovely day.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day...and I'm sure your matryoshka dolls were happily received!