Friday, December 2, 2011


They're back, for another December of fun and mischief!!!!

This is how we found them .... all snuggled up, and no doubt exhausted from that long sleigh ride.

Their keeper for the next 24 days is delighted to have them back .... they been smothered with love since arriving, and I've been given a long list of instructions on how I'm to care for them while he's at school!!!

Last night, while all was quiet and everyone was cuddled up asleep, they decided on a game of foosball ... halloween glasses and all!!! The carpet was littered with snow and cracker crumbs .... Santa and Mrs Claus really need to work on table manners with these little guys - they need a bit of refining!!!
Welcome Back Little Elf Friends .... we're glad you've come to stay.


  1. I'm so glad they are back! I loved reading about their adventures last year. My child is begging for an elf on the shelf of her very own.

  2. hahaha......naughty elves, glad they are back!