Thursday, December 15, 2011


Faster than ever ......
It happens every year, I try to be organized, but somewhere along the way, it all goes awry!!! This year my preparations have certainly been better though. Unfortunately a very sick guinea pig has thrown a spanner in the works, as he's requiring a lot of attention right now. He is Girl Childs friend ... she adores him. We've done what we can, but it's not looking good right now .... my heart breaks for her. To top it off too, we lost his little friend about 6 weeks ago (they're old, rescue piggies) - the relentless sobbing and funeral scene are still VERY fresh in my mind. To see your child so inconsolably sad was heartbreaking.
I do have some things to show you though .... there's a lot I cant. The recipients of the things I'll show you now, don't even know that I have this little blog, so I'm safe!!!

A mug rug - made using the left overs from the table runner I made for Shawnees Table Runner Swap. Lots of room for a steaming mug of coffee, and a delicious cookie or two (come on, it's Christmas, you know you want that second one:-)

I warned you there'd be more of these ..... such lovely results for such a little amount of work .... Aahhh, the perfect Christmas project!!!

I am impatiently waiting for a package of yarn that I've ordered .... Girl Child saw this beauty that Lucy made , and mentioned how she'd REALLY love one for her room. I couldn't find colors that would work in her room at Joanns or Hobby Lobby, but I did online ...... fingers crossed it arrives in time for me to burn some midnight oil ..... we'll have to see.
Wishing y'all a little quiet time, to enjoy this wonderful season.


  1. Sorry to hear about your guinea pig woes! As sad as losing a pet is, I think that the experience of loving something that much outweighs the sadness. Though it certainly must be terrible to watch your child experience that type of sadness. I'll be thinking of you all.
    I hear you on the impending arrival of Christmas! I'm starting to freak out about how quickly Christmas will be here. I have a ton of crafting that needs to happen this weekend. I feel so far behind! I love that cushion too. I really must learn to crochet!

  2. quiet time? hahaha! Well, I'll TRY! I love your mug rug and table runners! Have a wonderful week....