Wednesday, December 7, 2011


While browsing through my pictures, I came across some aprons that I've made, but not shared with you yet. There is also one that I put together today, using 2 dishtowels and a roll of grosgrain ribbon .... super quick and easy, but oh so festive!!!!

I found the tutorial for the pleated skirt part of the apron on a blog .... now I cant seem to find it again - ugghh. I added a bib to it, just because that's what I prefer.

Then this one, using my all time favorite apron pattern ..... it was this pattern that won me my 2nd place ribbon at the Texas State Fair back in September.

This is the dishtowel apron!!! Very bright and festive. The dishtowels came as a 2 pack from Target .... 2 seams and some ribbon, and I was done. Who wouldn't want to pull out the cookie sheets and start baking wearing such festive attire?
Now for a quick peek into all the mischief those 2 little mischief makers (aka Gabby & Bart) have been getting up to ....

Who wouldn't want a friend with springy legs? Imagine how much fun you could have with that!!!

They must definately be missing home ..... my car was reindeerified (Yes, there is such a word. We found it in the elf dictionary). We jingle wherever we go now!!!

They are fearless!!! A spot of elf balloonchuting!!! When you're so small, all you need is a few helium filled balloons and away you go .... jumping off the top of the stairs!!!! No wonder santa has grey hair!!!!
Hope your Christmas preparations are on track ....


  1. The aprons are pretty. I love the little reindeer one. Very festive!
    Those little elves have been having some more fun. I like their antics!

  2. as much as I love those naughty elves, that deer apron is what made me squeak when I read this post! perfection!!!!