Monday, December 5, 2011


This is what our mantle looks like this year, and I love it!!!! I love this kind of light ..... it's warm, welcoming and oh so pretty!!!! It is also 100% made by me. Yes, each of those houses started out as one of those brown paper mache shells that you buy at your local craft store for a couple of bucks ..... some love (ok ... paint, glitter and snowtex too), and I have a little village that I'm soooo proud of.
The original reason I made them was for this ..

Our Church Annual Womens Christmas Brunch. I have attended it now every year for about 5 years ..... it is gorgeous. Ladies sign up to decorate a table, and believe me when I tell you - those girls have some talent!!!! This year our small group decided to buy out the tickets for a table, and asked me if I would decorate it. I said yes, but let me tell you, I nearly backed out a number of times - I was terrified to do it!!! I was delighted with the final result though. I made the 3 yard table runners to mark place settings .... the part I liked most about them, you can't see in the photo .... I made big pink yarn tassels to hang at the points:-} The houses were the centerpiece for the table.

They look so pretty, and we'll be enjoying them all season long!!!


  1. Kerry,
    The table is beautiful! I wish I had your decorating talent. You make it look so easy, even though it's not.

  2. that mantel is gorgeous! I have often thought of doing something like that...maybe NEXT year!
    Your table is gorgeous :-)

  3. Beautiful job on the houses! I love how your table turned out as well. My mom's church does the same thing every year for a women's event in December. It is a dinner though, I have been a few times and my mom and I did a table one year together. My favorite part is touring all of the gorgeous tables the ladies decorate. So much fun!!!

  4. Nice! I also host a table at MY church every year and am always looking for fresh ideas. Do your tables also seat 10? I find that to be a tricky number for some reason .....