Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Luckily my niece and nephew are way too little to read my blog, so I'm safe showing you these little cuties, before Santa harnesses his reindeer, takes to his sleigh, climbs down the chimney and delivers them:-)

I sent each of the babies some books and a little book buddy that I made them. Bertha's pattern comes from THAT book again .... you know, my all time favorite Rebbeca Danger - Big Book Of Knitted Monsters. She is actually the Attic Monster in the book. I just love her top knot!!!! Bert is a pattern I drew myself. I wanted soft and squishy, and the perfect size for little 9 month old hands to hold.
Wow, time is short now!!! I'm almost there ..... just the baking to do. I think today is going to be candy making day .... nut brittle, peppermint and key lime bark, salted caramels, peanut clusters .... let's see if it all gets done!!!!
I have to share Boy Childs cake decorating with you. Last night was our Cub Scout Pack - Dad and Lad Cake Bake Competition. The theme was camping, and this year Boy Child did most of the work himself, from mixing to decorating. I'm so proud of his effort. He didn't win any of the prizes, but that didn't matter.

Tents around a campfire. Please note the fish waiting to be cooked ..... it's camping, it's my son, so that means there has to be fish in there somewhere:-)


  1. I love your book buddies! I've been a crafting FOOL of late too....but need to zero in on some baking soon. I feel like a duck on a pond and it sounds like you are on the same pond with me!!!

  2. The book buddies are adorable! Sounds like you've be ubber busy getting ready for the holidays!
    Boy child did a wonderful job on his camping scene.