Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello friends and happy February - I love this month, and I'm sure it's all to do with the amount of pink you see around!!!!
I have a few things to show you, not as many as I'd have liked, but some none the less.
Tommorrow my apron, martini glass and other goodies will be on their way to my partner for the Martini Madness Swap - I hope she like them:->

The apron turned out to be so cute, and very cocktaily I thought.
I have also seen these really cool fabric coasters on a number of websites recently, and thought that I should give them a try. They were described as being really quick and easy to make - let me tell you, they were not lying. 15 minutes was all it took me, from scraps of fabric to 4 completely made, ready to send coasters. They're also a great way to use up scraps - if you can get a 5 by 5 inch square out of the scrap, you can use it. So, with further ado, this is what they look like..................see what I mean....cute:->

I have also finished knitting the owl hat I was making - I can't share it yet though, as I haven't finished sewing the button eyes on yet. They're taking longer for me to do than knitting it did!!! It's what I do in the carpool line while I'm waiting to fetch the kids from school.
February's theme for our YOE Swap is fairies............I am so happy about this:-> I have found a ton of great, free tutorials for making a variety of fairies........... I'm spoilt for choice. I think I'll have to give a few of them a try. Keep popping back, and I'll share them once my partner recieves them.
Thanks for popping by...................come back and visit again soon.

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