Thursday, February 11, 2010


And boy has it done that today!!!! It has been so much fun. School was cancelled today (and is again tomorrow.... can you hear the cheers!!!), as North Texas received a good coating of snow.........the last time we had this much was 1978, so they tell us!!!
The kids have had a ball - they've certainly bounced back from their colds quicker than hubby and myself.........we're still bogged down with it:(

I thought I'd share some could be another 32 years before we see this much snow again here!!!

Two very happy kids!!!

Let me introduce you to Psych - the psychadelic snowman!!!
Once the kids had built him, we filled spray bottles with water and food coloring, and decorated him. His back is actually red and pink.........I think he is super super cute!!!
He has been the object of adoration for others as well - we've had a number of cars stop by to take pictures:-)

Until next time, keep warm, and keep crafting!!!

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