Monday, February 8, 2010


My favorite color:->

Today I mailed my baby nieces valentines gift to won't arrive before Valentines Day (it has to cross an ocean ...), but lucky for me at just over a year old she's not going to know!!!
Being a Valentines gift, it gave me the opportunity to use as much pink as I liked......oh how happy that made me:-)

So to begin with, she needs her own special towel to dry off that little bundle of cuteness when she goes to her swimming lessons, this should take care of it...... even the towel has hearts on it !!!

Next, who can pass up the offer of a babygro (onsie) marked down to 50c..................certainly not me. However, it was pink, long sleeved, and just plain - it needed a bit of jazzing up.....enter the remnants bin at Joanns. 15 minutes later and look what we have...........

Next, I found THE most perfect babygro ever'll see why in the picture!!! There was a problem though, it was too small for her, and they didn't make it in any bigger size. Not to be put off, I came up with a plan, and here is the result................I LOVE it..........for many reasons!!!
See what I mean:-) what auntie wouldn't love it!!!! I cut out the design in a heart shape. I then ruffled some pink ribbon with my sewing machine, tucked it under the edges of the heart and zig zagged it all onto a bigger white T shirt...........super easy and super cute!!! I think I'll have the photo of her wearing it enlarged to poster size.....Hee...Hee:-)
Tommorrow I'm going to do a tutorial (my first one) on a sweet, little Valentines gift that my kids will be giving to their teachers on Friday. I can't promise it'll be perfect, but we'll learn as we go along. So come back and visit again soon.

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