Sunday, February 1, 2015


It may not seem like it, but it's coming. The signs of its arrival are all around us, we just need to stop and look.
Here in the South, it's been a mild winter. We've had the odd cold spell, but nothing major. We've had no snow .... this makes me sad, as I do love a little bit of the white, fluffy stuff.

Last Spring I bought a few of those cheap, grocery store pots of daffodils .... instant color !!! Once they had died down, I moved them to the side of our front porch, intending to repot them, in the hope that they may sprout again this Spring. Needless to say I forgot about them, and as Summer progressed, the pots got blown around, and the bulbs all fell out and scattered themselves. Well, a couple of days ago, I noticed that those bulbs had little sprouts on them ..... no soil or anything like that, just bare bulbs with little sprouts ...... Oh so cute (and exciting !!!). I gathered them up and potted them in two pots, not sure whether they'd do anything more ..... well today I checked and the sprouts have now popped through the soil ..... I dare say we may have some daffodils this Spring.

There was one bulb which was bigger than all of the others .... also lying there bare, with no soil. There is no soil under the mulch you see there - only the black weed protection fabric. Instead of moving him, I decided to just dump a few handfuls of potting soil over him, and see what happened ....... Well guess what ....

Just take a look at him, all strong and leafy !!! I am so fascinated by this - I check on him a couple of times a day :-) I am so surprised by this - I always thought that the bulbs you bought early, like these ones, were forced bulbs, and that they wouldn't flower a second time ... guess I was wrong.

I have some hyacinth bulbs (the ones grown hydroponically), that have finished flowering now. Once they die back, I'm going to pop them in pots, and see whether or not they produce again next Winter. No harm in trying :-)

Because this is just a little random post, I'll love and leave you with this rather lovely photo that my boys took this morning, while they were out fishing .....

Oh how I LOVE nature :-)


  1. I sure wish it was spring. I have to go out and shovel again.

  2. I sure wish it was spring. I have to go out and shovel again.

  3. if it gets cold enough for it, the flower will bloom again. If not, once the leaf dies, put the bulb somewhere safe and refrigerate for 6 weeks before planting in the fall!