Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It's almost time for THAT Hallmark holiday ....... the one that tops all Hallmark holidays !!!
You know the one I mean ...... Valentines Day !!!

We don't make a big fuss of it in our house. I do put a little bit of special effort into making sure that the dinner table is set nicely, and there is always a special themed dessert :-)
I have over the last little while, taken quite a shine to decorated sugar cookies ...... It is a lot of effort to put into something that's just going to be eaten, but for the few moments that they are all in tact, they look lovely, so to me it's totally worth the effort.

I played around with two different sugar cookie recipes today. The one was my regular, go to recipe, and the other has more of a shortbread texture to it - shortbread is a favorite in our home.
The icing I used is the one I always use - It's a sugar glaze icing, that tastes yummy. The cookies dry and are stackable, but it's not as hard as royal icing. I love the shine that the cookies have when iced, and it holds color beautifully.
I kept the icing to three colors - pink, red and white. I for one hate having to clean out ten different color bowls and icing tips ..... it's a yukky job !!! I also think it keeps the cookies cohesive, and they look great when displayed on a platter.

After dinner tonight, we're going to have a cookie tasting session .... I wonder if I may have found a new favorite cookie recipe ..... We'll see !!!