Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Well, he used to be the pumpkin eater, but not anymore ..... he was zombified, and became Peter, Peter The Brains Eater !!!
My partner has received her swap package, so I'm not spoiling anything for her by sharing my creation. Y'all know by now, I can do cutsey without thinking twice. My partner prefers the not so cutsey, so I really had to put my thinking cap on. I am thrilled with how he turned out. I had never "built " a person from Sculpey before, so the technique was completely new to me ..... Oh, how I love the challenge of learning new things.

This image was my jumping off point.
Then while snooping around Debbie's blog ( I discovered THESE PICTURES, and THESE PICTURES - I had everything I'd need on hand to make him, and so my decision was made.

 Wire body ... that makes him poseable. He has his Sculpey hands, feet, hips, torso and head already (I forgot to take pictures prior to this stage of his construction.)

 His head ..... quite possibly my most favorite part of building him.

 Oh, lets add some fat too him, shall we .... Wrapped in strips of batting.

Not forgetting his skin .... Stocking cut in strips, and stretched around him, before being sewn to fit.

Then I sent him to The House Of Kerry, for some designer zombie duds, before giving him some hair and a paint job. Poor Mrs Pumpkin Eater ..... she is now brainless !!!

What to do about that pumpkin .......

I used a styrofoam ball, that I hollowed a chunk out of, before working some paper clay magic on it.

Oh Mrs Pumpkin Eater ....... you poor dear !!!!
Some paint, spray sealant,  floral wire tendrils, and some toothpick jail bars and my creation was complete.

I will be using this sculpey technique again ..... it was fun, it was easy (much easier than I thought), and I absolutely LOVE the results. Debbie's pictures, made it so easy to do - they were clear and concise.

I'll end off by showing you, the creation Debbie made for me .... There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe .....

Isn't she amazing .... She's a treasured addition to my growing Zombie Doll collection. Thank you Debbie for my doll and for giving me the inspiration to try something new.


  1. oh my gosh, I love your Peter and his brainless wife...and the pumpkin jail!!! I'll go check our Debbie's tutorial this weekend and see what trouble I can get myself in to!

  2. You out did yourself again...Amazing! You make it sound easy but I'm intimidated by clay sculpting.

  3. While Peter is fantastic, the pumpkin and head is my favorite part. I can do the clay part, for me it's the clothes.
    Chris =]