Monday, May 26, 2014


They've been flying off my needles at a pretty impressive rate recently.
They're a source of almost immediate gratification - now who doesn't like that ?

These were knitted for Debbie, as part of her swap package. Super cute and super easy !!!!
I purchased this pattern HERE. I started these cloths on Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday evening they were both pinned to a towel drying after I'd blocked them.

These are possibly my most favorite dishcloths ever .... I absolutely LOVE this pattern. This pattern you can find HERE. The added bonus .... cherry on the top, is that it is a free pattern.
I have big plans for this stitch pattern, I've done some maths, and I think I may tackle a blanket in this stitch ..... I think it could look quite magnificent !!!

All of these dishcloths were knitted using Peaches and Creme 100% cotton yarn, and US size 7 needles (4.5mm).

I am a knitted dishcloth convert, for a number of reasons :
- They are real work horses !!!
- They're durable, and just keep getting better with each wash.
- They're far more environmentally friendly, than those nasty disposable cloths.
- Lets be honest now, you can color coordinate them to your kitchen decor. What's not to love about that ?


  1. I love knitted dishcloths too and don't use anything else. These look fabulous but I think I'd be in over my head trying to make them. I'm not the best knitter:) That pattern would make a fabulous blanket!

  2. The zombie ones are too cool to call dishcloths, they are banners.
    Chris =]