Thursday, February 27, 2014


Does anyone elses hand ever hurt when they crochet .... I mean REALLY hurt !!! Doing a quick Google search revealed that I'm not alone in this one .... Whew, I was worried there for a moment .... thoughts of arthritic hands or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome popped into my head .... surely I'm too young for all of that still (or maybe I'm in denial :-) !!!!

There were a multitude of solutions offered up to help with this - the main idea seemed to be, that the diameter of your hook needs to be made bigger, so you're not holding such a thin little piece of metal, wood etc ... Oh, anything for a crafty solution, and I found one !!!

Yes, you got it ...... Sculpey !!! Man, that stuff is so useful for so many things :-) They really were quick, economical and easy to make. I rolled my Sculpey into a sausage shape, and then I carefully pushed (more like wiggled), my crochet hook down into the center of the Sculpey sausage. I trimmed the top of the sausage with an xacto knife, to neaten it up. I flattened out the bottom of the hook, and once it was baked, stamped the hook size onto it using Staz On ink and my mini alphabet stamps. To make the polka dots, I spaced little (and I mean VERY little) blobs of white Sculpey over the sausage, and rolled the hook on a flat surface. This flattens the clay blobs and turns them into polka dots. Into the oven they went (275 Deg F for 15 mins). Once they had baked and cooled, I gave them a coat of varnish .... Voila - crochet hooks that no longer hurt my hands when I crochet !!!!
Gotta LOVE a crafty solution !!!


  1. These are so bloody cool Kerry... you are amazing with the things that you come up with and you are right you are not alone with that... What is sculpey??? do we get it here do you thing. I think these are fabulous. Make great gifts for people who crochet.
    Clever girl xx

  2. What a great idea! I love the polka dots too! I think you'll enjoy crocheting even more when you use your pretty polka dot hooks.