Saturday, February 1, 2014


Oh my goodness ..... looking back at my list of Needful Things, I've surprised myself. The little things that make me tick, that I've never given much thought too ...... until now that is !!!
So here goes ....

- I need to walk. I try to do 5km's as often as I can. Daily would be my ideal, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. It's my time to think, to plan, and to put aside all of life's busyness, and just enjoy being outdoors. As a result of this, my daughter and I now have "Our Thing" .... we take part in 5km Fun Runs (we brisk walk them). We LOVE it :-)

- I need to create .... daily. Whether it's crafty creating (there hasn't been much of that lately), or creating a yummy meal for my family, I need to do it. Most of my sense of purpose comes from seeing happy, smiling, full bellied people around our family dinner table (Dinner together every night is a "have to have" for our family) :-)

- I need to record our family memories. I tend to be a little obsessive about this. I want my children to be able to share their childhoods, with their kiddos some day. While I scrapbook page layouts, I chose to do Project Life this year. I love the simplicity of it, and that it's quick. It also tells the story of not just the big stuff, but the little things too, that make up our daily lives.

- I need to put out my growing collection of handmade zombie dolls each Halloween. I need these for so many different reasons. They confirm to me, that I'm part of a VERY talented group of crafters. Making them, stretches my creativity, and forces me to step out of my crafting comfort zone .... I've learned so much through this process. Who can help but smile at those goofy zombie faces ... not me :-)

- I need to wake my kiddos each morning, and tuck them into bed each night. As they get older (they're both teenagers now), these moments have come to mean so much more to me. They don't need me to do it anymore, but they want me to .... that's something very special, and I'm blessed to be their Mom.

- I need to make all the cards I send. It just feels so personal to me. I like to think that I can create just THE right card to suit the recipient and the occasion. I was so touched a little while back, when my mother in law told me, that she has kept every card I've ever made her .... that's 20 years of cards !!!

- I need to sleep on pretty pillowcases. Flannel in winter, cotton in summer, and floral if at all possible ..... little pink roses - oh yes !!! It makes me feel feminine. I also love that they're quick to make and don't require much fabric or trim ....... they're an indulgence for me :-)

- I need to replant my Fairy Gardens each Spring. They bring me a ridiculous amount of joy. I love that they're whimsical and cute .... my little bit of fantasy land, right here on my own front porch..

- I need to try new recipes often. My recipe folder on Pinterest is bulging !!! I love trying new things .... vegetarian recipes are my current absolute favorite. I've had great success with most of the Pinterest recipes I've tried. I always tell my family, that we'll never know what we're missing out on, if we don't try new things.
- I need to enter goodies into the Texas State Fair each year. I did this for the first time 3 years ago, and to my surprise won a ribbon ..... I was hooked !!! I've won ribbons each year since then. It's such a feeling of accomplishment ..... and I love the excitement of seeing my items displayed alongside the other winners at the State Fair.
- I need to always have a book on the go. I don't read for hours everyday, but I do like to read a couple of pages when I have a spare few minutes during the day. I love stories of Amish life .... I admire their dedication to their faith. I could not imagine living without our modern conveniences !!!
- I need to have my Quiet Time every morning. Some mornings in our house are madness (like most homes, I'm sure), and I just don't get to it - the difference in my day is noticeable. It's my time to focus, to pray, and to remind myself of what is really important. I'm a worrier and pessimist by nature - this time serves to remind me that God is the one in charge, not me.

- I need to use pretty stationary. No ordinary BIC pens for me !!! I use colored pens, decorative tape .... you name it, I use it, at every opportunity, it just makes daily writing so much more pleasurable ..... It's girly too :-)

- I need to wear an apron when I'm doing anything domestic.  Cleaning, cooking, baking ...Yes, I even put on an apron to do the laundry ..... Maybe I was born in the wrong era !!! It just shouts Domestic Diva !!!

- I need to wrap the gifts I give beautifully. I've been known to put as much time into the wrapping of a gift, as I did the making of it. I think that the wrapping is an extension of the gift .... and who doesn't love to, and feel special, when they receive a beautifully wrapped gift !!!

- I need to bake at least a couple of times a week. Baking pushes so many of my "feel good" buttons. Girl Child has taken to sending me sweet text messages from school, asking me to bake her what ever she fancies that day !!! These messages warm my heart .... how could I possibly refuse :-) Hubby and Boy Child have their favorites too - I oblige whenever they're requested !!!

- I need to make special themed Family dinners on days like Valentines Day. We don't celebrate these days in a big way in our home, but I do like to make our dinner a little extraordinary. On these occasions I always serve a special themed dessert (we don't have dessert often normally).

- I need fresh flowers in our home, as often as possible. The just make me smile !!! I love their color, their aroma ..... They make a house into a home. Yesterday I was spoilt rotten ..... Hubby (he knows how to make me feel so special), came home with 3 hyacinth bulbs in vases (they're being grown over water) :-) I just know that in a little while, our house will be filled with their heady aroma.

- I need to be surrounded by handmade items. Nothing makes me more content from my head to my toes, than being surrounded by handmade cushions, crocheted blankets, pretty aprons ... I love the homely, cosy feel they give .... a home full of love !!!

- I need lipbalm .... a girls got to take care of herself after all !!! I can't live without it !!! I have a tube in every room of my house ..... kitchen, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, and yes, in my purse and car. I REALLY hate having dry, chapped lips.

So there you have it, my 20 needs !!!
I can't wait to visit the blogs of my fellow swappers to see what made their lists ...


  1. Kerry, we were obviously separated at birth. You could have written my list and me,!

  2. This is a great list! I know some of these needs and learned a few new things about you too. I didn't include lip balm on my list but I should have, I'm the same way!

  3. Ah Kerry... as I read each one I was nodding like yes she does... :) I think this is a wonderful idea and a wonderful list. It is all so you and NOTHING like a little gratitude for the things we do have to start our days of on the right foot. xx