Friday, January 10, 2014


I don't know about y'all, but I've always felt that bread recipes, that call for the use of yeast, should have strips of that yellow caution tape stuck all over them. A kind of warning .... Don't try this unless you're a culinary school graduate !!!
Then,  well over a year ago, I came upon THIS RECIPE, and thought it could be worth a try. I even went as far as buying a dish to bake the bread in (who wouldn't want to own a beautiful, red casserole dish anyway). Then I chickened out !!! Fast forward to this week, when I came upon THIS POST, on Lucy's Attic 24 blog. It was too good to ignore, so I took the plunge last night .....
After resting the bread dough overnight, this is what I awoke to this morning ...... Hmmm, not too convinced about this !!!!
Anyway I pushed on, and plopped my floured ball into my beautiful, red casserole dish :-) Both Lucy and the original recipe used Le Cruselet pots - I don't have any (maybe one day, I'll be lucky enough to own one of those beauties ....... it will be red, of course), but my casserole dish worked just fine.
Lo and behold, this gorgeous loaf of bread appeared ....
I feel like Julia Childs !!! Bring on those yeast recipes !!!!
Breakfast this morning .... just delicious !!! Cherry tomatoes lightly sauted in a little olive oil and some garlic is a real favorite of ours at the moment. I'm eating a lot of it, with just about everything !!!
It was easy, dead easy to make. As you can tell from the recipe, it requires very few ingredients. One of THE best things about this bread ..... It contains NO sugar and NO preservatives. When we moved to The States 10 years ago, bread was a big bone of contention in our household .... it was all too sweet. I think I've tried every brand and bread type available in the stores !!! When my Mom and Dad visit, they wont even eat the bread here, because of that sweetness. That problem is now solved, and our bread buying days are over ....... That beautiful, red casserole dish of mine, will be getting a workout, for sure :-)

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  1. oh wow, what a pretty loaf! BTW, I hate sweet bread too! My husband and in laws love it though.