Saturday, August 10, 2013


We've visited the bush, and we've visited the sea, all of which were wonderful. We loved every minute of being in those places ..... the fun we had, the memories we made, being in places that were just simply familiar. There's much to be said for being somewhere, that just feels comfortable and right .... the sounds, the smells, the food, the way things work ..... you know them all.
Today's post is all about the reason for visits like this one ........ it really is plain and simple ..... FAMILY !!!

I am a family orientated girl to my core ........... it's THE most important thing in the world to me. I firmly believe that if we were to set aside all of life's trappings, the things that us as a human race spend a lifetime chasing after ..... wealth, recognition, the next best thing, and made our families central in everything, the world would be a much happier and better place.

On our way home to South Africa, we stopped over for 12 hours in London, to spend a little time (we'd have loved for it to have been longer), with my sister, her hubby and my niece and nephew. An extra special, cherry on the top surprise, was that my cousin (who currently lives in Vienna), was there spending time with my sister, before leaving on an adventure of her own ..... a trip to The Galapagos Islands !!!!
 The oldest and the youngest cousins !!! This was the first time that Girl Child and Boy Child had got to meet my nephew. I adore these little people .... nothing beats 2 little people jumping into your arms for kisses and cuddles as you arrive at the front door :-)
 My sister and brother in law, with all of the kids.
 My cousin joins in the photo shoot.
We made the most of the time we had with them ..... we were shown every plant in the garden by my niece (definately learning from her daddy). We were introduced to the chickens, and were given a quick lesson on how best to catch them ..... not bad, to say she's only 4!!! Boy Child and my nephew collected snails .... and more snails .... and more snails :-)
 On arriving home, we went to lunch with my folks, brother, sister in law and my one nephew (the kids in SA, were not on school holidays while we were there). Within the first 10 mins, my nephew and Boy Child, had decided that Craig was going to come and spend the weekend with us. The boys had a blast ..... they fished, they shot pellet guns, and just had a great time.
 Dinner ... the boys were happy to get their own table.
My oldest nephew is 2 years older than Girl Child ..... they got on so well.
My only regret, is that the cousins didn't get to spend more time together (they all said they had wished this too). I can only imagine how much fun they'd have all had at the beach together ........ there's that small issue, called school though, that got in the way :-)
 We had a family lunch, on our first weekend home. My Aunt (affectionately known as "Aunty") was there. My other cousin (brother of the cousin we saw in London), as well as my brother and his family were also there. I love, love loved it !!! The chatter at the table, the laughter, stories being retold, plans being made ...
 Lunch break in the Kruger National Park .... there were some very cheeky Vervet Monkeys, that were not shy to steal the food out of your hands !!! We sat quite entertained (I'm sure the owner of the Kit Kat didn't find it as funny), watching one of the monkey's unwrap a Kit Kat (that he had snatched), just as we would, and eat it finger by finger (he broke off a finger at a time) .... quite amazing really.
The monkeys are a problem though at the rest stops ...... unfortunately the problems came about, after people started feeding them, thinking it was entertaining.
Granny and the kids ...
 Sharing experiences ..... (at our campsite in Kruger)
 Spending time together ...
 Walking and talking along the beach ...
Mom and Dad ...
 Grannies are great for passing on culinary skills !!! Granny teaching Girl Child how to make crepes. The laughter and giggles that eminated from the kitchen, were just precious.
 Pappie needed to add his bit of advice ...
 They were delicious, and made the perfect Farewell Dinner Dessert.
I believe each generation benefits from the teaching, experiences and presence of previous generations. I cannot teach my kids from the experiences of my parents - only they can. Cousins share unique bonds and commonalities, that are special only to that relationship.  Aunts and Uncles are extensions of us as parents, to our kids ....
I think that "Scattered Families" - and lets face it, there are many of them, more so than at any other time in history - are a sad part of life today. Thankfully though, modern technology, has made it easier to stay connected ..... what would we do without Skype !!!

Thank you Mom and Dad for THE most amazing holiday.... For everything you did and continue to do for us. We love and miss you so very, very much.


  1. what a lovely post. I agree with your sentiment about scattered and it just shouldn't be so!
    someone just introduced viber to me the other day....FREE calls! yay!

  2. This is a beautiful post! It looks like you had an amazing visit!