Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Freezer paper - I've had a roll of it lying in my craft room for years. I've seen so many wonderful projects where it's been used to create a stencil, but truth be told, I've always been a bit skeptical .... it's only plastic coated paper after all !!!
I had seen THESE on Pinterest, and thought they were very cute. I had a little time on my hands yesterday, so decided to give the idea a try ...... and I'm very pleased I did. I for see lots of freezer paper stencil projects ahead !!! That stuff, when ironed onto your fabric, sticks like crazy .... no color bleeding goes on that's for sure. It does peel off with no problem too.

The color in reality is a bit bolder than what it's showing in the photos. I used  SEI TUMBLE DYE to spray my bag. I knew I kept them for a reason, all of those projects ago :-) I pulled the bird template off the internet and used a little scrap of fabric I had for him. I couldn't resist the little, blingy crown. I made the organza flowers, by ruffling up a length of organza ribbon, and secured them to the bag with little white seed beads.
I did sew together a quick lining for the bag ...... seeing the embroidery thread when I opened it, bugged me. I used a cheerful bird print for the lining.

I know we're not ready to think about it just yet, but for those of us who like to hand make as many of our gifts as possible ....... Christmas will be here before we know it !!! My kids head back to school next Monday, and I always find, that from that point on busyness reigns, so my plan is to be way more organized and on top of gift making this year, than I have been in previous years. This bag would make a great gift .... think teachers, babysitters ....

Until next time, take care ...


  1. It turned out great! I've had freezer paper in my craft room for years too but haven't had the courage to try using it yet. You are right, now that school has started it will be Christmas gift making season before we know it.