Thursday, August 8, 2013


Today, we pack our swimming costumes, and best beach attire, and head off to the coast !!!

We spent a wonderful week at Umhlanga. Our accommodation was first class. We stayed at a wonderful resort, where we had a duplex facing the sea. Our unit had 7 balconies, with sea views from each of them ...... it was Utopia !!!!
The weather was fantastic - we spent days on the beach, and everyone swam in the sea. To say that it is mid winter in South Africa :-)

 On our last day there, there was a light on shore wind ..... it blew all of these little nasties up onto the beach, and into the shallows ..... Blue bottles. These ones were tiny, as they can grow quite a bit larger. They pack a nasty sting though, and there were a number of little kids, who ended up in the lifeguard tower being treated. Girl Child was determined to touch one ...... she later ended up being stung on her feet and legs by them, when she went into the sea for a swim.
 Boys deep in conversation .... I do love this picture :-) This is how it's meant to be.
 My Dad with the kids ...... It makes my heart so happy looking at pictures like these. I love that Dad and Mom love to be right in there with the kids. They were helping the kids learn to boogie board.
 Boy Child LOVED boogie boarding. He would become a beach bum (Girl Child too), at the drop of a hat.
We stopped for sundowner drinks and snacks at an African inspired resturant at the end of Durban pier. It was perfect. Warm and oh so pretty :-) Corn and onion samoosa's, snoek pate, borewors with 3 dipping sauces and mince samoosa's ............. absolutely, mouth wateringly delicious !!!!
We visited the U Shaka Aquarium in Durban one of the days ..... a world class aquarium for sure. It's right up there with some of the best in the world. They have built it in 3 shipwrecked ships, that have been pieced together to look like a complete ship.... amazing !!!
 Upside Down Jellyfish
 Just plain cute !!!
 They had even kept the old toilets, plumbing pipes and washbasins in the ship. The toilets are obviously sealed shut, but what a unique and original idea for seating.
 The outside of the aquarium.

 We spent lazy days, walking on the beach and promenade. Eating delicious food, at a myriad of different eateries. Boy Child did a little fishing. We all love rock pools, so a fair amount of time, was spent hunting in the rock pools for treasures.
 This is the view we woke up to every morning. Isn't it magnificent !!!
 Girl Child strolling on the beach .... wide, open spaces .... I love it :-)
 Family photo, with the pier in the background.
 My Mom and I ....The tide was coming in. Girl Child waited to get this picture, as the water caught us unawares.
 I know I'm biased, but she's gorgeous !!!!
 Man vs sea !!!
 Some of the pretty seaweed in the rock pools.
 A rock pool treasure ..... a little Gobie. We caught lots of these.
 Girl Child quickly learned that these tubular sponges spit water out at you.
 Rock pooling.

The pier at night ...... with a beautiful full moon peeking through the end.

It was a fantastic week, that went by soooo fast. Girl Child did mention to Granny and Pappie, that she though our duplex would make the perfect apartment for her ...... cheeky little thing !!!!
Tomorrow we'll make a quick visit to my Sister London, and I'll share my very special family with you .... I miss and love them all so very much !!!
Until tomorrow ..... Have a lovely day :-)

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  1. another breath taking post....all the photos and the thoughts behind it. You can just feel the love you share for your family and home land. I don't think I would be able to leave!