Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is going to sound a little wierd I know, but I woke up this morning remembering not the dream I had, but the apron that someone was wearing in it .... who was that someone - I have absolutely no idea!!!
It was a gardening apron, really simple, but I thought I'd try and put the thing of dreams into reality. I made it up as I went along, using fabric and binding from my stash, and I really do love how it turned out:-D

I made pockets of varying widths to hold all the gardeners neccesities (plant journal, pens, seed packets .... you get the idea), and I also added 2 D Rings from which to hang things.

I can see myself wearing this little creation while I tend my veggie garden, which is doing VERY well, and of which I'm extremely proud ..... I've never grown veggies before, so I'm quite thrilled at how well It's all doing:-)

Until next time ..... keep dreaming!!!


  1. It's beautiful! I have to say aprons are definitely an addiction when you can dream about and create the apron from your dreams! LOL! I love it!

  2. Very cute! I am jealous your garden is in. We have to wait until this weekend to make sure things don't freeze. Still pretty cold here.

  3. very nice! LOTS OF POCKETS AND D-RINGS TOO... that is an awesome creation. you are going to love your veggies from your very own garden.

  4. oh this is so sweet! I've been wanting to make myself a gardening apron too!